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dromos007 - Schatten
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dromos007 - Schatten
Magda Mayas & Anthea Caddy
Nádia Duvall
Recorded in Vienna during Winter on a snowy night, Berlin-based musicians Magda Mayas & Anthea Caddy present on "Schatten" a dense and piercing improvisational statement.

Foccusing mainly on texture and structure,but also the percussive possibilities of their instruments, both artists display a continuum of immense creativity, pushing their instruments to higher limits and even beyond recognition with each new aural event surpassing the previous one.

Magda Mayas explores both the outside as well as the inside of the piano, through a vast amount of extended techniques and the aid of preparation and amplification, to extract an interminable array of sounds. Both percussive and melodic.From screeching chords and scraping metallic sounds to the deepest resonance.

Anthea Caddy implies the physical aspects of sound,altogheter with instrumental knowledge.With complete control over dynamics, timbre and a constant awareness of time, she forms a very unique spatial and textural approach to the cello. Two very personal languages that fuse as a whole.

The artwork consists of 250 shadow skins. All covers are different membranes made of ink skin by plastic artist Nádia Duvall

CD Info:

Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 250 copies.
All music by Magda Mayas & Anthea Caddy
All artwork & packaging by Nádia Duvall

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