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dromos006 - AuldLangSyne
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dromos006 - AuldLangSyne
Olaf Rupp
António Poppe
Berlin based improviser Olaf Rupp combines multiple elements and parameters into one very unique and personal idiom, whether he plays acoustic or electric guitar. Recorded last year in Berlin, "AuldLangSyne" inspired by a traditional Scottish poem is a mirror of that amalgamation of sound. Olaf Rupp's versatile approach to freeform guitar ranges from folk tinged arpeggios and heavy strumming to dense chord clusters. Possessing miraculous technique,he lashes out harmonics overtones and cluster notes like no other. Sometimes he hits his instruments' strings so hard that one gets the sense that everything around us will suddenly collapse, other times one just gets immersed in a quiet blissful strumming vortex. Rupp has total domination over material and structure, whether in a high energy or in a slower mindset.
Truly a very subtle and exquisite language.

Artwork consists of a front cover painting by António Poppe and leather back cover. Each copy brings a different engraving made by António Poppe.

AuldLangSyne is a split release with german label GLIGG.

CD Info:

Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 200 copies.
All music by Olaf Rupp.

Wesbite Olaf Rupp:

Website GLIGG: