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dromos005 - Niagara EP
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dromos005 - Niagara EP
Natalie Westbrook
Niagara are pushing modern house music in yet another direction. Their debut introduces one to their own unmistakeable balance between tropical psychedelia and danceable electronica.The Lisbon based trio's unconventional song structures rely on a stripped down junction between hypnotic repetition and immersive, experimental, spaced-out blips and cuts.

Drawing equal parts of their raw analogue execution both from classic chicago tracks as well as mid 70s german experimental rock and electronic aesthetics,Niagara's skeleton of expression is an uncannily futuristic blend of defying experimental electronic music.

Artwork was made by American plastic artist Natalie Westbrook consisting of 100 different handmade monoprints based on plantform imagery.

CD Info:

Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 100 copies
All music by Niagara
All artwork & packaging by Natalie Westbrook