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Dromos004 - Caustic Gate
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Dromos004 - Caustic Gate
Wasteland Jazz Unit
Mariana Dc
Wasteland Jazz Unit is a Cincinnati duo by Jon Lorenz (saxophone) and John Rich (clarinet).

Caustic Gate is no exception to their previous works, consolidating the reputation they’ve built in the past times in the lineage of great mavericks and art provocateurs, standing therefore beyond any easy definition of free jazz, noise or improvisation.

The sound of their instruments is stretched to the extreme, until they are barely recognizable, revealing new sonic and formal possibilities. This is music that confronts you to a point that’s impossible to be indifferent. Like a dare and an enigma at the same time, it exists in the paradox of being both primal and utterly complex.

The artwork was made by visual artist Mariana Dias da Cunha and of consists of 200 different original linoleum cuts made out of discarded old encyclopedias.

CD Info:

Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 200 copies.
all music by Wasteland Jazz Unit
all artwork & packaging by Mariana Dias da Cunha