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2014.10.08 Makam 001 - White Metal

White Metal is the second piece in Michael Pisaro's Grey Series - a collection of works centered around noteless scores, white noise oriented textures and motivated by Marcia Hafif's monochrome grey work. White Metal's structure is derived from Mozart's 40th Symphony and based around the concept of Black Metal and the writings of philosopher Reza Negarestani. Attempting to achieve maximum similarities, Joe Panzner and Greg Stuart present a very personal interpretation, with extreme textures and numerous layers and bursts of electronics and percussion throughout the four movements which are separated from each other by lenghty silences. What is even more remarkable than the tones and sounds is how the pair effortlessly keep a delicate and intricate dynamic throughout the realisation, with every detail in every register being identifiable amidst the constantly shifting sonic whirlwind. It's an incredible listen and this is amplified by the fact that with each listen the realisation grows and one keeps finding new acomplishments in the recording. Completely engaging both as a score and as a performance, which souldn't come as a suprise to anyone familiar with the performer's and the composer's work.

White Metal (2012/13)
Michael Pisaro, composer
Published by Edition Wandelweiser

Recorded 11/13-1/14 in Columbus, OH and Columbia, SC by Joe Panzner and Greg Stuart
Mastered by Joe Panzner

All artwork by Alexis Granwell

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