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2015.11.10 Makam 003 - Immanence, a Life

"[...] My intention when writing the score for Immanence, a life was to engage with one of Deleuze's main concepts, the field of immanence, and the piece is directly inspired on his last published essay, written shortly before his death and bearing the name Immanence: a life.

Participants are instructed to create the material according to the instructions, which call for "an organic silence", "a decomposed sound", "a sound intended as a spell", and other options offering as many possibilities as limitations, yet no univocal meaning. The only directives that can be called strict are the ones regarding durations and dynamics, and even those are not strictly notated. Participants respond to these conditions by coming up with sounds that will then be assembled into the final work, in a process that somehow resembles the layering of compost. Given that the material provided by the participants is created without knowledge of what the other participants are doing, each participant can only know his/her contribution at any stage of the process. This ensures both the high level of subjectivity regarding the instructions in the score and the immanence on a field of sound that the score aims for, with events following their own logic according to the attraction of individual sounds by way of affective qualities of these sounds, and a general lack of aesthetic consensus that mirrors any common life. Unpredictable, but with a hidden structure supporting it."

- Gil Sansón, Caracas, January 18, 2014

Cd Info:

Immanence, a Life (2011)
Gil Sansón, composer

Recorded between 2011 and 2015 in Berlin, Brooklyn, NY, Caracas and Valencia, CA

Liner notes by Manfred Werder

Mastered by Andy Graydon

All artwork by Lance Austin Olsen
All design by Jamie Drouin


2014.10.08 Makam 001 - White Metal

White Metal is the second piece in Michael Pisaro's Grey Series - a collection of works centered around noteless scores, white noise oriented textures and motivated by Marcia Hafif's monochrome grey work. White Metal's structure is derived from Mozart's 40th Symphony and based around the concept of Black Metal and the writings of philosopher Reza Negarestani. Attempting to achieve maximum similarities, Joe Panzner and Greg Stuart present a very personal interpretation, with extreme textures and numerous layers and bursts of electronics and percussion throughout the four movements which are separated from each other by lenghty silences. What is even more remarkable than the tones and sounds is how the pair effortlessly keep a delicate and intricate dynamic throughout the realisation, with every detail in every register being identifiable amidst the constantly shifting sonic whirlwind. It's an incredible listen and this is amplified by the fact that with each listen the realisation grows and one keeps finding new acomplishments in the recording. Completely engaging both as a score and as a performance, which souldn't come as a suprise to anyone familiar with the performer's and the composer's work.

White Metal (2012/13)
Michael Pisaro, composer
Published by Edition Wandelweiser

Recorded 11/13-1/14 in Columbus, OH and Columbia, SC by Joe Panzner and Greg Stuart
Mastered by Joe Panzner

All artwork by Alexis Granwell

Greg Stuart Website:

Joe Panzner Website:

Alexis Granwell Website:

Michael Pisaro Website:


2013.09.04 dromos013 - The Fog

Recorded a couple of years ago at the INTERLACE concert series at Goldsmiths College in London, The Fog is a great showcae of Lexer's and Kasyansky's duo performances.

Albeit a short piece, it doesn't lack in intensity nor inventiveness, in fact, it's a very rich and dynamic performance. Grundik's tape manipulations and electronics reveal a detailed attention to the placing and harmony of sounds,while also creating a tapestry of textures throughout, often foccused on the extremities of the frequency spectrum. Add to this, Lexer's self-developed software and electroacoustic system, piano+, responsible for manipulating the piano's resonant properties as well as accentuating it's percutive elements, allied with massive low end tones and metallic scraping sounds.

Through the interwining of their languages, the pair of musicians, develop a structure that seems to be made up of moments, be them long or shot ,extremely loud or very silent, that apparently build up to a climax that never occurs. Thus creating a dense labyrinth of sound, so that one feels to be amidst of a thick and icy fog.

The artwork was done by portuguese artist Ana Martins, made up of 150 different compositions of dyed virgin wool secluded inside boxes of sculpted glass each with a different drawing made on it.

Cd comes in a limited edition of 150 copies
All music by Sebastian Lexer & Grundik Kasyansky
All artwork by Ana Martins

Wesbite Sebastian Lexer:

Website Grundik Kasyansky:

Website Ana Martins:


2013.04.02 dromos012 - Foz

A couple of Autumns ago, on the back of a series of concerts and hosting a workshop togheter in Oporto, the duo of Toshimaru Nakamura and Manuel Mota recorded an informal session. From that natural affinity resulted Foz. It may be considered an historic document under the premise that it's Nakamura's first fully improvised, recording solely on electric, guitar in a decade.
Throughout two long pieces the duo on call carves a well balanced harmony between more reflexive and purely physical moments. From what could otherwise turn out to be an aesthetic clash, the musicians adaptability skill reverses the situation transforming it into an entangling affair and a series of communicative events between two unique and equally dominant idioms. br>Altough sound is frequent, it's an introspective stripped down recording, with focus pointing towards melodical and textural aspects for the most part . Sheer poetics and discipline intertwined in a way that shall surprise even those already familiarized.

The artwork made by fellow musician and plastic artist Margarida Garcia consists of a series of original drawings and a font turned into stamps, then pressed onto 200 post-consumer digipaks each with different degrees of degredation created by the artist's transfer process.

Cd comes in a limited edition of 200 copies
All music by Toshimaru Nakamura & Manuel Mota
All artwork by Margarida Garcia

Wesbite Toshimaru Nakamura:

Website Manuel Mota:

Website Margarida Garcia:


2012.11.28 dromos010 - Rck

Long awaited monolithic boxset release from Manuel Mota, his second so far on Dromos.

Material spreads from solo electric and acoustic to various live performances across the five discs. After more than a couple of decades of activity one might believe he knows what to expect of Mota, but the evolution in his work is constant and ever-developing.

Throughout each disc and piece of music, Manuel Mota's suspended structures and isolated notes resonate with the intimacy and sentiment Manuel always has put into his music, a parameter often ignored in modern improvisation. Playing by his own definitions of time and space, Mota makes "Rck" an essential deliverence of his unique and different approach in instumentation,material, structure and even acoustic spaces (which he uses often to his benefit).

Every boxset comes in a clamcase, signed and nubered with a different drawing by Manuel Mota on each cover. On the inside, among liner notes by Tetuzi Akiyama and accompanying recording information, there is a set of five different original prints made by portuguese artist Ana Teresa Ascensão each one made with a specific record in mind.

5 Cd Boxset comes in a limited edition of 100
All music by Manuel Mota
All artwork by Manuel Mota & Ana Teresa Ascensão
Liner notes by Tetuzi Akiyama

Wesbite Manuel Mota:

Website Ana Teresa Ascensão:


2012.11.12 dromos009 - Casa Corp

Second release for the accomplished trio of Leonel Kaplan, Christof Kurzmann and Edén Carrasco on the follow of last years brilliant Una Casa/Observatorio. Recorded in Buenos Aires, roughly a year after the two pieces that compose the first release, Casa Corp reveals both a continuity and a progession of the trios improvisation.

Throughout the single pice, the most outstanding aspect of the record is the interplay between the musicians, up to a point, when several times the sound source becomes intangible, despite the presence of such significant individual voices.

Everyone knows their instruments range all too well,great attention is paid to detail as no sound is ever forced upon the careful structure. Elements of pop sensibility, reminiscent of Kurzmann's work in The Magic I.D., are articulated with gentle strokes, percutive sounds, electronic hisses and blips along with scraping reeds as textures arise, coalesce and fade away. An extremely beautiful and focused record.

The artwork,made by American artist Thuy-Van Vu, consists of 200 prints of an original oil painting created for this album. All have different degrees of degradation and are created using a photo transfer process. The cover images are focused on the theme of destroyed home and architectural structures, a constant motif of Thuy-Van's work and one with an obvious strong connection to Casa Corp.

Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 200 copies.
all music by Leonel Kaplan, Christoff Kurzmann & Edén Carrasco
all artwork by Thuy-Van Vu

Wesbite Leonel Kaplan:

Website Christof Kurzmann:

Website Edén Carrasco:

Website Thuy-Van Vu:


2012.04.17 Collective Exhibition

Collective Exhibition - Dromos Records. 17 - 21 Abril Trem Azul Jazz Store, Lisbon


2012.03.16 dromos008 - FALAISE

Falaise is the first meeting between two major players of the Portuguese improvisation landscape. For those paying attention, neither should be a stranger by now. Besides being a powerhouse bassist with extraordinary technique, Hernani Faustino is one of the people behind the Clean Feed Label and integrates Nobuyasu Furuya's formations and Red Trio, who recently recorded albums with John Butcher and Nate Wooley.Pedro Sousa is among the most gifted improvisers of a younger generation of musicians now flooding the city. Already the possessor of a distinct abrasive timbre and an extremely sensible listening capability, which make him an extraordinary duo player.Throughout the whole record, both the language and communication are in constant co-relation.Consisting of four pieces, Falaise is the distilling of all their qualities as players, ranging from melodically introspective and entwining to percutive and disjointed, passing through fiery and radiant churns of free saxophone and double bass energy. With total regard for dynamics,timbre and articulation as a duo, Falaise is improvisation in it's prime.

The record comes in a digipack format, adorned with 3 original photographs by António Júlio Duarte. Inside each cover there is a different print from a series of 100 photographs of António Júlio Duarte made purposedly for the record.

CD Info:
Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 100 copies.
all music by Pedro Sousa and Hernani Faustino
all artwork by António Julio Duarte

Wesbite Pedro Sousa:

Website Hernani Faustino:

Website António Júlio Duarte:


2011.11.26 dromos006 - AuldLangSyne

Berlin based improviser Olaf Rupp combines multiple elements and parameters into one very unique and personal idiom, whether he plays acoustic or electric guitar. Recorded last year in Berlin, "AuldLangSyne" inspired by a traditional Scottish poem is a mirror of that amalgamation of sound. Olaf Rupp's versatile approach to freeform guitar ranges from folk tinged arpeggios and heavy strumming to dense chord clusters.
Possessing miraculous technique,he lashes out harmonics overtones and cluster notes like no other. Sometimes he hits his instruments' strings so hard that one gets the sense that everything around us will suddenly collapse, other times one just gets immersed in a quiet blissful strumming vortex.
Rupp has total domination over material and structure, whether in a high energy or in a slower mindset.
Truly a very subtle and exquisite language.

Artwork consists of a front cover painting by Antonio Poppe and leather back cover. Each copy brings a different engraving made by Antonio Poppe.

AuldLangSyne is a split release with german label GLIGG.

CD Info:
Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 200 copies.
All music by Olaf Rupp ?All artwork by Antonio Poppe

Wesbite Olaf Rupp:

Website GLIGG:


2011.11.10 dromos007 Magda Mayas & Anthea Caddy - Schatten

Recorded in Vienna during Winter on a snowy night, Berlin-based musicians Magda Mayas & Anthea Caddy present on "Schatten" a dense and piercing improvisational statement.

Foccusing mainly on texture and structure,but also the percussive possibilities of their instruments, both artists display a continuum of immense creativity, pushing their instruments to higher limits and even beyond recognition with each new aural event surpassing the previous one.

Magda Mayas explores both the outside as well as the inside of the piano, through a vast amount of extended techniques and the aid of preparation and amplification, to extract an interminable array of sounds. Both percussive and melodic.From screeching chords and scraping metallic sounds to the deepest resonance. Anthea Caddy implies the physical aspects of sound,altogheter with instrumental knowledge.With complete control over dynamics, timbre and a constant awareness of time, she forms a very unique spatial and textural approach to the cello. Two very personal languages that fuse as a whole.

The artwork consists of 250 shadow skins. All covers are different membranes made of ink skin by plastic artist Nádia Duvall

CD Info:
Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 250 copies.
all music by Magda Mayas & Anthea Caddy
all artwork & packaging by Nádia Duvall

Wesbite Anthea Caddy:
Website Magda Mayas:

Website Nadia Duvall:


2011.05.26 Reviews at Bodyspace

At you can check some of our latest reviews, by Bruno Silva.


2011.04.26 Phonotactics about Dromos' Mixtapes

Rui Miguel Abreu, from Phonotactics, talks about Dromos' last year mixtapes:

"For last year’s Record Store Day, portuguese label Dromos prepared a real treat: a series of tapes transformed into real arty artifacts by the hands of designers that know that a cool object can put a smile on the face of the more circumspect person. There were only a handful of each of the tapes released that day by Dromos. One of them was by Octa Push, stuck in a envelope that took in more work than the old cars that got made over at Pimp My Ride. Only 10 were handed over. And that was a shame really, since the music inside was amazing."

Read the full review at Phonotactics.


2010.11.06 Dromos 005 - Niagara EP

Niagara are pushing modern house music in yet another direction. Their debut introduces one to their own unmistakeable balance between tropical psychedelia and danceable electronica.The Lisbon based trio's unconventional song structures rely on a stripped down junction between hypnotic repetition and immersive, experimental, spaced-out blips and cuts.

Drawing equal parts of their raw analogue execution both from classic chicago tracks as well as mid 70s german experimental rock and electronic aesthetics, Niagara's skeleton of expression is an uncannily futuristic blend of defying experimental electronic music.

Artwork was made by American plastic artist Natalie Westbrook consisting of 100 different handmade monoprints based on plantform imagery.

Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 100 copies
All music by Niagara
All artwork & packaging by Natalie Westbrook


2010.10.13 Dromos 004 Wasteland Jazz Unit - Caustic Gate

Dromos Records is proud to announce the release of Caustic Gate by Wasteland Jazz Unit, a Cincinnati duo by Jon Lorenz (saxophone) and John Rich (clarinet).

Caustic Gate is no exception to their previous works, consolidating the reputation they’ve built in the past times in the lineage of great mavericks and art provocateurs, standing therefore beyond any easy definition of free jazz, noise or improvisation.

The sound of their instruments is stretched to the extreme, until they are barely recognizable, revealing new sonic and formal possibilities. This is music that confronts you to a point that’s impossible to be indifferent. Like a dare and an enigma at the same time, it exists in the paradox of being both primal and utterly complex.

The artwork was made by visual artist Mariana Dias da Cunha and of consists of 200 different original linoleum cuts made out of discarded old encyclopedias.

Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 200 copies
All music by Wasteland Jazz Unit
All artwork & packaging by Mariana Dias da Cunha


2010.09.13 Forthcoming on Dromos Records

Coming Up Next:

Dromos004 - Wasteland Jazz Unit - Caustic Gate (Out Late September)

Artwork by: Mariana Dc


Later On:

Dromos005 - Niagara - Niagara Ep

Artwork by: Natalie Westbrook

Dromos006 - Olaf Rupp - Auld Lang Syne


2010.08.10 Dromos 001 ACK - Moments of Falling Petals

Dromos Records proudly announces the release of it’s first record, "Moments of Falling Petals", by Tetuzi Akiyama (acoustic guitar), Éden Carrasco (alto sax), and Leonel Kaplan (trumpet). The record documents a concert of the trio, recorded live at Sala Azucena Carmona, Real Teatro in Córdoba, Argentina.

Informed by the vast spectrum of languages connected to the sphere of free improvisation and electroacoustic music, each of the musicians establishes a dialog with the other, creating, layer after layer,a plains of a rare evocative power, slowly sculpting the molecules of sound and space that propagate trough time until they reach a new and original form.

Each cover is different and unique, and were all handmade and hand drawn by artist Joana Falhas.

Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 250 copies.

all music by Tetuzi Akiyama, Éden Carrasco, Leonel Kaplan
all Artwork & Packaging by Joana Falhas


2010.04.27 Dromos 003 Thollem McDonas & John Dieterich - All for now

Dromos Records proudly announces the release of All for now by Thollem McDonas (Piano, Voice) and John Dieterich (Guitar).

Celebrating their first public collaboration, All for now is one of those special moments, when the empathy and complicity between two players emerges into something far wider, complex, and profound than the simple circumstance of their encounter.

In fact, as they play along, one wonders how did they have achieve such maturity in their first work together, evoking both their idiosyncratic inner voice and years of tradition in the lineage of free thinking and free playing.

The artwork of consists of 200 different original hand printed linoleum cuts on old salvaged photos by visual artist and filmmaker Martha Colburn, specially done for the occasion.

Edition of 200 copies on orange cd-R.

All music by Thollem McDonas and John Dieterich
All artwork by Martha Colburn


2010.04.26 Dromos Tapes Series I

Dromos Tapes Series propose is to promote the music and musicians we love, by asking musicians and plastic artists to make a mixtape together.

This first series was given for free on the Record Store Day,on the 17th of April at Flur, in Lisbon.


Here they are:

Mixtape by Octa Push
Artwork & Packaging by Ângela Ferreira
Limited edition of 10.


Mixtape by Rui Dâmaso
Artwork & Packaging by Joana Falhas
Limited edition of 10.


Mixtape by Ruben da Costa
Artwork & Packaging by António Corso
Limited edition of 10.


Mixtape by Rui Miguel Abreu
Artwork & Packaging by Dromos Records and Maria José Machado
Limited edition of 10.


Mixtape by Dromos Records
Artwork & Packaging by Pedro Peralta
Limited edition of 10.


2010.03.29 Dromos Records 003 - Thollem/Dieterich - All for now

Dromos Records is proud to announce All for now, by Thollem McDonas (Piano, Voice) and John Dieterich (Guitar).

Recorded at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, All for now documents the first live appearance of these two free spirits as a duo.
The artwork will include hand printed linoleum cuts on old salvaged photos by artist and filmmaker Martha Colburn.

All of this will come in an edition of 200, that will be out in April 2010.
Stay in tune for more news soon. Usefull links: Thollem McDonas website " target="_blank">John Dieterich´s Deerhoof myspace Martha Colburn website

Thollem McDonas on All for Now


2010.02.08 Dromos002 Manuel Mota & Afonso Simões - Ao vivo no espaço - Centro de desastres

Dromos Records proudly announces the release of “Ao vivo no espaço - Centro de desastres” by Manuel Mota (electric guitar) and Afonso Simões (drums).

Documenting a live performance by these two pivotal figures of the Portuguese underground, ao vivo no espaço - centro de desastres stands as an supreme example of free thinking and sonic creativity, opening new grounds for the improvisational structures they previously made, both solo or in projects such as Curia or Fish & Sheep.

All the covers are handmade and each one of them was burned differently by Manuel Mota.

Cd-R comes in a limited edition of 100 copies.

all music by Manuel Mota and Afonso Simões all Artwork & Packaging by Manuel Mota


2009.08.09 Coming Up...Dromos 001

Dromos-001 - Tetuzi Akiyama & Leonel Kaplan & Edén Carrasco - Moments Of Falling Petals