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By Bruno Silva
04 April 2011

Nascido da empatia criada entre o pianista Thollem Mcdonas e o guitarrista John Dieterich (dos Deerhoof), All For Now é a gravação desse primeiro encontro no Moma de São Francisco. Tendo em conta a disparidade aparente entre os dois músicos, All For Now é um documento impressionante no modo como duas linguagens distintas se enredaram tão naturalmente no processo. Disco criado da cumplicidade entre os dois músicos, tem a seu favor o facto de conseguir com notória despretensão erigir momentos de comunicação sem desprimorar todo o apuro formal patente nos seus currículos. Com esse carácter espelhado em nomes como "For Preservationists to Get Off on Later...Posthumously" ou "Drum Set. Or... ...Because...The Museum Will Act Like...Huh?" apresenta 16 malhas relativamente curtas de improvisação lírica. O piano de Thollem em tangentes devedoras do free jazz a alguma música contemporânea vai encontrado as linhas de guitarra oblíquas de Dieterich em construções sóbrias de um rigor melódico intrigante. Sem forçar tácticas desconstrutivistas, confere igual protagonimo as ambas as partes, num todo de elegante coerência que peca apenas por algumas miniaturas algo inconsequentes na sua irresolução. Reflexo de um savor faire em desafio, com momentos particularmente felizes na tensão de "I'll Keep Thinkin...And Watchin...For Ideas...By Myself`s" ou no mantra soturno (com o fantasma de Glenn Gould a pairar) de "Some Dancing People...This Labor Day".

Blow Up Magazine
By Stefano I. Bianchi
In Blow Up Magazine #146/147 (July/August 2010)

"A good return for the guitarist John Dieterich, who was a member of Colossamite and Gorge Trio and in the last decade is in Deerhoof. In this album released by the Portuguese label Dromos, he accompanies the virtuoso pianist Thollem McDonas, who has been active for years in jazz and experimental circuits in the Bay Area of San Francisco. It's a series of duets characterised by the strong and vivid tension always detained, forced, never really left free to explode. The pieces are generally short and sketch, focused mainly on the dissimulating and extremely diversified movements of Thollem, who moves from debussy to satie's sparseness, with tasty hints form Monk to moste experimental moments (Some People Dancing), until the piano seems to be prepared (That's Scary! To People). For its part, Dieterich brushes and designs without ever overdoing: it only happens occasionally (the very good crescendo in I'll Keep Thinking and I Just Thought Give People), reserving the harshest and acid chords to few - but very incisive - songs like That's Scary! To People and Making A Report. The music flows with the appearance of improvisation though not with the more typical and obvious features (these are compositions, although in haiku format) and is a really good exercise not in style.(7/8)"

kfjc 89.7 fm
By humana
In kfjc

"How fitting that these two musicians should come together for their first collaboration at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art! McDonas on piano and voice, and Dieterich (from Deerhoof) on guitar here present lovely, spare, sometimes jarring, sometimes gentle compositions that are thoroughly modernistic works of art in their own right. You’ll feel like a connoisseur as you listen to these artists and enjoy the cover work of visual artist Martha Colburn."