When you go flying on a major airline, you have a certain right under the law to make a complaint against the airline for your flight. This is true no matter how you got on the plane. A flight is no different than renting a car or a home. You need to know what rights you have as a flight passenger.

If you are a passenger and you arrive late for your flight, you have a right to get on another flight. Even if you have been seated for an hour and a half and the last flight was at 9:00 in the morning. You still have a right to fly home even if you arrived late for your flight.

You also have a right to get out of your seat to use the restroom, get a seat-belt fastener, or go to the bathroom. You can not be made to wait for your flight. If you are told to wait to go to the bathroom it is a violation of your civil rights.

When you arrive on the plane you are expected to ask for the seat you were assigned. You cannot be asked to move because of someone else who wants to sit where you are. You should always feel like you have the right to sit wherever you are asked.

You have a right to get up and walk about the cabin while your flight is in flight. You also have a right to ask to move if you are feeling dizzy, tired, or even light headed. You can not be made to wait until you are over 50 pounds overweight to request to move.

Your rights do not stop when you are seated on the plane. You have a right to get off the plane to use the restroom or get on another flight. You can also leave the plane during the flight if you wish.

The nice thing about flying is that you can ask for any food you want to eat during the flight. Even if you are uncomfortable eating that type of food. This is why the government requires all airlines to have a menu board showing all types of food.

During the flight you have a right to ask for the captain to review your request for a flight change. You have a right to say that the airplane is overbooked. You also have a right to tell the captain that you will travel on another flight if he does not comply with your request.

If you are offered an upgrade or a refund after you complain about being overbooked by the airline staff, you should find another airline. There is no right to be upgraded or a refund after complaining about being overbooked.

Do not be afraid to complain about your flight once you have boarded. You have a right to take all necessary steps to avoid getting bumped. The airlines always have the last laugh, but you have the right to complain.

The right to fly for free also applies to you. If you are not offered a free-flight, you should try to get a flight for less money. If the price is set so high that you cannot afford it, then the airline is asking too much of you. Many times they will offer a free ticket if you agree to fly another day.

If you must fly for free, make sure that you pay that payment in full. Otherwise you are going to get no further compensation for the tickets you paid for. It is your rights to get these free flights.